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  • New Block Scheduling

    Good Afternoon Brandeis! When I opened my e-mail, on the top of the list was Marty W. Krauss’s e-mail about the new block scheduling program. From the report here is a quick list of the changes (full outline at bottom). – Less MWT classes – More TF, MW classes – Classes start on the hour! […]

  • Demonstrate

    To the Brandeis Community: The Brandeis administration’s choice of Michael Oren as this year’s commencement speaker has brought division to what should be a unifying event.  If you are upset about this choice and would like an opportunity to voice your opinion, come to a demonstration against campus division tomorrow beginning at 4:45 p.m between […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Cultural Productions

    At today’s meeting, the Board of Trustees will make the final vote on the Brandeis 2020 Committee proposals that Provost Marty Krauss approved earlier this month.  So far, I think the process has gone as well as we could hope for, and I generally approve of the decisions that the Committee made.  However, one program […]

  • What Bill Ayers Tells Us about Student Autonomy

    Before my title deceives you, I unfortunately missed Bill Ayers’ lecture on Thursday, and I have no idea what he talked about.  He might have brought up the idea of student autonomy; chances are he didn’t. The event itself, however, sure told us a lot about the freedom we enjoy as Brandeis students — and […]

  • Respect

    I just got around to reading the Justice’s article about the State of the Union today, and one thing in particular really jumped out at me: “I think his speech was one of the most outstanding you can imagine from a student leader,” said Rena Olshansky ’56, a member of the Board of Trustees’ Students […]

  • Money, and Why Your Club Isn’t Getting Any

    In the wake of the Finance Board’s marathon decisions, a lot of clubs have been wondering why they got so little money compared to previous semesters.  It’s not the budget situation — the Union Activities Fee is fixed and thus divorced from the budget cuts.  So why is everyone getting less than usual?  Here’s the […]

  • Our Financial Model — The Past and the Future

    As details of our financial situation have come out, it has become apparent that Brandeis is in worse shape than many other universities.  There are several well-known reasons for this.  Our relative youth means our endowment is much smaller than most institutions of similar standing.  The Madoff scandal affected our donor base much more heavily […]