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  • Don’t like something on campus? Join a Commitee to fix it!

    Do you have an issue with the way the University dealt with the Harlan Chapel flasher? Don’t like the way parking tickets are handed out? Think the food sucks? Well, do something about it! So let’s start off by my admitting that I didn’t apply to be on any committees last year, so I can’t […]

  • Vote Elly For Rosie Senator

    Amidst all of the back-to-school stress, new friendships, and F-board marathon disasters, another school-time tradition is coming up: Elections to the Student Union!! In the next few days, I hope to add to that timeless tradition by asking that you endorse and/or vote for a good friend of mine. Elly Kalfus is running for Senator […]

  • Should facebook allow an event which promotes violence against Jews?

    Recently, a facebook event went up called Kill a Jew for getting Mein (Kampf(C wat I did thar!?)) accounts disabled. The page, which seems to be someone’s juvenile idea of a joke, is filled with anti-semitic comments and pictures of Hitler’s face. Although I believe few would take it seriously, and no specific plans are listed […]

  • Justice Archives Online!

    Good news folks! Want to learn stuff about Brandeis dating back to 1949, a year after it was established? Want to see what students cared about back in the day? Now, due to Brandeis’ involvement in the Open Content Alliance’s Digitization project, you can access the Justice archives, microfilm of the Justice newspaper from May 1949 to […]

  • Anti-Oren Letter Slipped in with Graduation Programs

    Commencement for the Class of 2010 occurred today at 10:30 at the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center.  (Congrats!) We’ve received word that students protesting the choice of Oren as commencement speaker snuck copies of this letter in with the graduation programs, articulating their reasons against Oren speaking. However, a volunteer and Brandeis student says that students […]

  • The Bronx Knows: HIV testing

    We can always use more STI-testing, no? As part of an initiative to increase HIV and AIDS awareness, the Bronx has started The Bronx Knows, a program to provide Bronx residents with safe, accessible, confidential HIV and AIDS testing in an effort to counter the HIV epidemic that has hit all of NYC but especially […]

  • Brandeis research institute says government must merge racial wealth gap

    The Institute of Assets and Social Policy, a research institute at Brandeis’ Heller School, conducted a study which found that the wealth gap between African-American and white families has been increasing since the 1980’s, and recommended ways to deal with this disparity. The wealth gap between white and African-American families increased more than four times between […]

  • Save the Libraries

    Got this e-mail from The New York Public Library, think it’s worth a read. Libraries are important! Don’t Close the Book on Libraries – Act Now The New York Public Library is facing a potential $37 million cut in City funding. This is the harshest cut in our history and comes at a time when […]

  • Sea-Food anyone?

    Several minutes after the SEA Banquet ended, this exhange took place amongst some of my friends who had attended it with me.  The following conversation has been paraphrased, and names have been changed to protect the innocent: Fiat: I have something to say but I don’t want to offend you. Adom:  Just say it! Fiat: You know […]

  • Anti-Obama Ad Merits a Response

    We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo. If you have not seen this video yet, watch it. The other day, when Rick Pearlstein met with a bunch of us “activists” in Sahar’s suite, he talked a bunch about the strategies the Republican Party has been employing, quite effectively, to attack the Democratic Party. […]

  • Some things that have been bothering me…

    This is a conglomeration of a few worries I have about Brandeis right now: 1. The certificate of inspection in the Shapiro Campus Center’s elevator went up as of 4/10/10, last Saturday. As far as I know, a new cerificate saying it is safe to use it has not yet been posted. The elevator in Ziv 127 should’ve […]

  • When Going Green Becomes a Bad Thing

    Is there such a thing as going too green? Can the benefit to the environment come at too high a cost to freedom and justice at times? I think so. Several companies including T-Mobile and Lane Bryant enacted policies in their credit card bills warning customers that they would be charged an extra $1 per bill if they wanted to continue […]

  • Why Sahar?

    Why Sahar? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately, ever since Sahar first announced a run for President.  I remember when I first met Sahar on that fateful day in Upper Usdan when a mutual friend introduced us over lunch. My first impression of him was that he was idealistic; as soon as I sat down, he started talking about […]

  • BREAKING: Pres. Reinharz not to resign!

    According to multiple unsubstantiated ethereal sources, Pres. Reinharz, after a long and storied tenure at Brandeis University, will be announcing his decision to remain at Brandeis, at midnight. The announcement will be made by the Justice and the Hoot at midnight. Innermost Parts, which (like you) was not given access by the administration to this information, is […]

  • Freedom of Speech Injustice in Texas

    A university in Texas is being prevented from performing a show that has been deemed too racy by both the lieutenant governor and the school’s president. What century are we living in again? In Monday’s NYT Arts section, it was reported that a Tartleton State University class production of “Corpus Christi,” a play written by Terrence McNally in […]

  • CARS2020 report

    Just in case you guys ignore most of the e-mails you get from the Student Union and Provost, here’s a link to the short, 8-page report made by the Brandeis 2020 Curricular and Academic Restructuring Steering (CARS) Committee: http://www.brandeis.edu/provost/adhoc/Brandeis2020_rpt_22Feb2010.pdf Oh, and the even more succinct summary: http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2010/february/2020report.html To oversimplify, the report was designed to suggest […]

  • what YOU guys want to hear about

    An Anecdote: On February 5, 1946, Albert Einstein agreed to the establishment of the Albert Einstein Foundation for Higher Learning, Inc., but on June 22, 1947, he ended his association with the institute, and refused the board’s offer to name it after him. Instead, the university was named after Justice Louis D. Brandeis. In 1953 […]

  • Obama’s White House “Open Government Initiative”

    Okay, I know that Obama gets complimented a lot, some way say too much, but I just want to stand up and applaud him right now. What am I referring to?  The new “Open Government Iniative” which he promised to come out with from Day 1 of his inauguration.  Sure, sure, it took him a […]

  • Presidential Selection Committee

    With S.U. President Andy Hogan’s State of the Union Address having been delivered a mere few hours ago (ok…8), one question is on the minds of all connected to the Brandeis community: how will Hogan lead the university in our search for a new president?  More importantly, will he follow through on his promises to involve […]