Don’t like something on campus? Join a Commitee to fix it!

Do you have an issue with the way the University dealt with the Harlan Chapel flasher? Don’t like the way parking tickets are handed out? Think the food sucks? Well, do something about it!

So let’s start off by my admitting that I didn’t apply to be on any committees last year, so I can’t claim to know how effective they are/how worthwhile the experience is.

That being said, however, I highly encourage anyone and everyone who is a student at Brandeis to apply to be on a University Committee this year. The list of committees ranges from Alcohol and Other Drug Coalition to Psychological Counseling Center Advisory Committee, alphabetically speaking. By applying to be on a committee, (and yes you can apply for more than one) you enable yourself to influence matters that matter to you, whether they be the food served on campus, the parking rules and regulations, what they sell in the bookstore, etc.

According to the Student Union page, there are 23 committees you can apply to, and each has a very specific description, so you can decide which issues most affect you. Instead of griping about these problems, you can actually take a constructive approach to solving them for yourself and other people!

If the administration doesn’t know what’s bothering us, how can they fix it? At least letting them know how we feel about something, like the food everyone always complains about, is one step towards brokering a solution/fix!

Now, I am a firm believer in the democratic process, but I know many people are not. (Including my friends who didn’t vote for me in Sunday’s election) So, to THOSE people, I would like to issue a challenge that if they don’t believe in the power of their elected officials to represent them in the Student Union, then it is their OBLIGATION to SOCIETY and to THEMSELVES to change the school in the ways they think it needs to be changed.

Sorry I’m such an idealist, I swear I’m not usually like this.
GO TO: to apply, NOW! (The deadline is this SATURDAY)