Eco-Rep Event

Hello to the community of Innermost Parts.

My name is Lilian Medford, and I’m a first-year student new to the Innermost Parts team! I’m really excited to have my first blog post up, but expect more from me soon.

I’m the Campus Sustainability Initiative’s Eco-Rep for North Quad this year. Eco-Reps, if you don’t know, do peer-educational events to inform students about their role in sustainability both on our campus and as world citizens.

Tonight, Wednesday, September 29th at 8pm in the middle of North Quad (Polaris Lounge in case of rain), the Eco-Reps will be hosting a movie night called “Life on the Green.” We will be showing an episode of “Life”– made by the producers of “Planet Earth”–and having a short 2-minute presentation about what the Campus Sustainability Initiative does. We will be serving popcorn and locally-grown hot apple cider to anyone who brings their own cup and bowl, because that’s the sustainable way to live. We also encourage everyone to bring blankets to keep warm. Please help spread the word about this great event to everyone you know. Come with your friends, and then head on over to the SEA party later this evening. We hope both events will be great successes!