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  • Kevin Spacey Shows Off His Brandeis Hat

    From the film Casino Jack, about esteemed alumnus (and former College Republicans president) Jack Abramoff.

  • The New York Times profiles obnoxious Brandeis grad Martin Peretz

    The New York Times has an in-depth feature on Brandeis alumnus Martin Peretz, the former editor-in-chief of The New Republic magazine. It can be found here. The article is entitled “Martin Peretz is Not Sorry About Anything,” which is basically polite code for “Martin Peretz is a Tremendous Asshole,” which he most assuredly is. But […]

  • Professor Anita Hill receives bizarre voicemail from Justice Thomas’s wife

    Heller School Professor Anita Hill is a distinguished scholar of law and social policy, but unfortunately is remembered mostly for her damning testimony at Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings in 1991. Then, Hill spoke of the sexual harassment she received from Thomas during their tenure together Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Now, 20 years later, Prof. Hill’s […]

  • Brandeis’s Fourth-Most Infamous Grad Goes Hollywood

    Brandeis alumnus Jack Abramoff ’81 (the right-wing influence-peddler and felon who, if you’ll remember, bilked Native American tribes out of millions of dollars in fees while secretly lobbying against the tribes in order to extract even more exorbitant fees) is the star of a new film, Casino Jack. He’s played by Kevin Spacey! You can […]

  • Announcing a Glorious Compendium of Paperback Wisdom

    Good evening, Innermost Parts friends. Ordinarily I would regard the act I am about to commit as somewhat morally unsound, but as I do it in my own financial interest I am suppressing my inner objections. My compatriot and classmate Oren Nimni and I have written a book. It is entitled Blueprints for a Sparkling […]


    In an email sent 10  minutes ago, Board of Trustees chair Malcolm Sherman announced that Frederick M. Lawrence of the George Washington University School of Law will be the next President of Brandeis University effective Jan 1, 2011. Below is Lawrence’s bio from GW, as well as the text of the email: Frederick Lawrence came […]

  • Who Shall We Choose as NEXT Year’s Commencement Speaker?

    So the class of 2010 has gone forth into the world, and the Michael Oren issue is now moot. But we should immediately begin discussing next year’s commencement. Supposedly the administration considers nominations for commencement speaker from the class. I suggest we take them up on this, and come up with a few speakers we’d […]

  • Bringing Geodesic Structures Into Common Use

    It is our position that the use of geodesic domes must be radically expanded, both on-campus and nationwide.

  • Voting is now open

    Here’s the link to the voting on the Brandeis Sustainability Fund amendment: There is also an unopposed election for UCC rep on there. I encourage everyone to vote on this very important decision. I’ve said my piece against the amendment, so I will not spew my views further. But you really ought to vote […]

  • Why You Ought to Vote AGAINST the “Brandeis Sustainability Fund”

    So the SEA kids are trying to get us to subsidize their cause by giving $50,000 a year to a new “sustainability” board. Here is a summary of what the proposed $7.50 per semester fee would do. The Facebook event lists such worthy proposals as a “Green themed Pachanga,” “shower minders,” and “energy efficient exercise […]

  • Former Brandeis Student Arrested for Bank Robbery

    Somehow Sahar missed the most interesting story in this week’s Hoot, so here it is: William Murphy, a 23 year old former Brandeis student (who did not graduate) apparently robbed a bank in Longmeadow, stealing $300,000 and storing the money at the Russell Street house of several current Brandeis students who are on the baseball […]

  • Another Petty, Stupid Union Lawsuit

    If you’re interested, another round of self-important bloviating is set to begin in the Student Union. Once again, someone apparently violated some extraordinarily important bylaw, thereby throwing the entire University into chaos, and it’s up to those heroic souls at the Union Judiciary to restore order and sanity to a world gone mad. Here is […]

  • Labor Laws and Unpaid Internships

    There was a good article in yesterday’s New York Times about an issue I’m surprised has taken this long to be investigated: the possible illegality of unpaid internships. Apparently some people are finally getting concerned that unpaid internships at for-profit companies constitute free labor, and are therefore a violation of minimum-wage laws. As it turns […]

  • Show the Brandeis turkeys more affection

    You may have noticed that a small squadron of Turkeys has been wandering around Brandeis over the last few months, gobbling at people and generally adding a bit of joy to our lives. I haven’t a clue when or from where the turkeys originated, but they please me endlessly. I have, however, recently heard some […]

  • Brandeis Students React to Obama Afghanistan Escalation

    A BrandeisNOW reporter interviewed students (including Mr. Sahar Massachi and Mr. Nathan J. Robinson) about their opinions on President Obama’s new Afghanistan strategy. You can see the responses here, on the BrandeisNOW website. Even though I’m completely unqualified to make foreign policy pronouncements (as is everyone else on the video), I stand by what I […]

  • Video of the Goldstone Event

    The Ethics Center has uploaded the video of November 5th’s Richard Goldstone event. Watch and learn here.

  • A Better Waltham Hotel

    I’d like to tell you briefly about the Crescent Suites Hotel. I know Innermost Parts is not typically an outlet for hotel reviews, but it’s nice to give locally-owned businesses a bit of publicity when they start up, especially when you have a positive experience with them. And boy, I sure do love the Crescent […]

  • Reinharz Response to Harper’s Article

    Below is the text of Jehuda Reinharz’s response to the Brandeis article in the November issue of Harper’s magazine. Dear Colleagues, In their November 2009 issue, Harper’s Magazine published a story entitled Voodoo Academics: Brandeis University’s hard lesson in the real economy. In addition to being factually inaccurate, the article is insulting to all members […]

  • Infamous Harper’s Article About Brandeis Finances

    The latest issue of Harper’s magazine (November 2009) has a two-page article on Brandeis’s finances written by Christopher Beha, which is highly critical of the University. It’s sparked a great deal of controversy among the faculty and administrators, and Pres. Reinharz has personally responded to it. Below is the article in its entirety. I’m not […]

  • Reasons to be Cheerful, Pt. IV

    Here’s a great reason for you to be cheerful: A Brandeis professor has discovered the world’s first vegetarian spider! I just can’t think of anything that isn’t wonderful about this. The spider (bagheera kiplingi) is cute, too. I suggest we all send Prof. Eric J. Olson messages of congratulation.

  • Great author event today at 4:30

    At 4:30 PM today, Hank Klibanoff, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History, will be speaking about his book The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation. From the Facebook event: Hank Klibanoff will discuss the subject of his book The Race Beat — namely, how, when, and […]

  • New Yorker article reveals the history of Louis Brandeis and consulting

    Harvard historian Jill Lepore (whose most recent book was co-authored with Brandeis history chair Jane Kamensky) has a great piece in this week’s New Yorker about Louis Brandeis and “scientific management.” As Lepore tells it, scientific management was a peculiar brand of charlatanism peddled by the first generation of business consultants. Supposedly a new way […]

  • New Waltham Bank Employs Clever Self-Referential Ad

    The other day I happened across the construction site for Danvers Bank, which is currently being erected on Waltham’s Main St. And my first reaction was to sigh and mutter “Great, another bank. Just what we need.” BUT THEN, I saw the ad they had erected on the side of the fence: It reads as […]

  • Our Corporate Campus

    Two bits of news, both related. First, the police blotter in The Justice contains an interesting follow-up to the Wiggio story: Sept. 14-University Police observed suspicious persons defacing the roadway outside of the Rabb steps on Loop Road. The parties were identified as Brandeis students using spray paint to advertise for, the company employing […]

  • Corporate Graffiti

    Today, you probably noticed the bright green chalk-graffiti all over Usdan and the Rabb steps. “,” it announces. Here are pictures: Wiggio is a private, for-profit company, who produce a social networking website dedicated to the formation of groups. I think we should all be a little curious about why a company is painting its […]

  • Did You Know These Were Here?

    In X-Lot, by the Ziv Quadrangle, sit these two big blue boxes. I hadn’t seen them until I started parking down here, but they’re pretty massive and difficult to miss. They’re apparently clothing donation boxes for Child Quest International. I find it a little odd that one says “Clothing Donations” and one says “Clothing & […]

  • The Gaping Bare Void of Brandeis University

    You probably don’t think about the Village Space much. Hardly anybody does anymore. It’s that big empty room beneath the Village Skybridge, with paper over the windows. It looks like this: It used to be in the news a bit, as the original planned location for Ollie’s Eatery (before safety code restrictions killed that particular […]

  • Brandeis prof’s book bowdlerized by publisher

    Brandeis politics professor Jytte Klausen’s new book on the 2005 Danish Muhammed cartoon controversy has been selectively censored by its publisher, the Yale University Press. The New York Times reports today that Yale ordered the images of the actual cartoons to be removed from the book.  Entitled The Cartoons That Shook The World, the book […]

  • Brandeis Getting Sued

    Well, Brandeis made the New York Times again, which is never good news. This time, it’s a short blurb about a lawsuit which has been filed against us by several Rose Art Museum overseers: Lawsuit Seeks to Save Art Museum at Brandeis

  • Highlights from the Ayers article comment sections!

    As some have mentioned, the comment sections to the Globe and Herald pieces about the Bill Ayers visit are an absolute comedy goldmine. There are a lot of them, though, and sifting through them takes time. So here are some of the more amusing ones. Post your personal favorites below! “When will Brandeis invite Charles […]

  • Statement from Dr. Ronald Walters, 1st Chair of the Brandeis African-American Studies Department

    After finding out about the CARS proposal to transform the AAAS department into an interdisciplinary program, I emailed Dr. Ronald Walters, who was hired as the first chair of the department after the Ford Hall protests in 1969.  He sent me a lengthy response, which appears below. It’s a powerful statement, and everyone should read […]

  • CARS Commitee Proposes Eliminating African-American Studies Department

    Black students at the occupation of Ford Hall in 1969 lobbying for, among other things, the creation of an African-American Studies Department As if black students didn’t have enough to be pissed off about at the moment (what with an all-white Union Judiciary deciding the fate of the racial minority senator position), the Cirruculum and […]

  • CARS Report is Released

    The CARS recommendations are out! Read it here! Post your reactions here! The executive summary of recommendations appears below.

  • Save Wayne Campaign in the Boston Phoenix

    The Boston Phoenix has a short piece on the Save Wayne campaign. Perhaps administrators will start to listen now! Check it out: “Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz unleashed a torrent of negative publicity for his university when, with zero transparency, he announced that the school would shut down its vaunted campus-based Rose Art Museum… Condemnation […]

  • The Save Wayne campaign has an awesome website

    Check this out: Leor just sent me the link to the AMAZING website for the Save Wayne campaign. We’re really going to step up the efforts to save Wayne Marshall, the best reggae professor at Brandeis. Remember, if Wayne Marshall departs, we lose 20% of our already-small African-American Studies faculty. Sign the petition now! […]

  • UJ finds for Alterman

    In a landmark ruling severely curtailing the Senate’s authority over its discretionary budget, the Union Judiciary has unanimously ruled in favor of Eric Alterman in the case of Alterman v. Senate. Ruling that “[t]he presentation of past SMR-assisted events merely solidified this court’s belief that the Senate has not always adhered to the bylaw in […]

  • Trial tomorrow, 4pm, Shiffman 120

    The time-wasting UJ trial will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm in Shiffman 120. Spectators are welcome. Innermost Parts will likely be liveblogging the whole thing, so stay tuned.

  • The Trial Of The Century

    The frivolous lawsuit that Eric Alterman has launched against Alex Melman, Lev Hirschhorn, and the Union Senate is set to take place Saturday at 5pm. Location is TBD, witness lists and evidence are due by Friday at 5pm. Below is the text of Chief Justice Rachel Graham Kagan’s email: Having received a case for review […]

  • Today is your last day to nominate Wayne Marshall for a teaching award!

    Per the campus-wide Student Union email: “Today is your last chance to nominate a member of the Brandeis faculty for a Teaching Award! If you have a professor who you think deserves recognition for outstanding teaching, please send an e-mail with a paragraph describing why a professor deserves an award to Nominations are due […]

  • Rose Protest in Globe

    The Boston Globe has a decent, if short, article covering today’s protest. You can read it here. It’s not too enlightening on any Rose issues, but it’s nice to see that the student efforts are being properly documented in national media. Remember, you can visit the Innermost Parts article archive to see all of the […]