New Waltham Bank Employs Clever Self-Referential Ad

The other day I happened across the construction site for Danvers Bank, which is currently being erected on Waltham’s Main St. And my first reaction was to sigh and mutter “Great, another bank. Just what we need.” BUT THEN, I saw the ad they had erected on the side of the fence:


It reads as follows:

Hooray. Another bank. You were probably hoping for a coffee shop or an exotic pet store. You can never get enough coffee. Or tree frogs. But let’s explore what another bank means for you. Pure and simple, it’s healthy competition. Each bank has to earn the right to be better. Through better rates, through better service. One of them will prove that they’re willing to work the hardest for your business and your money. So while some people will walk on by and think “Oh, great, another bank.” You, dear reader of long copy bank posters, will realize there’s something here you stand to benefit from. And deep down you’ll smile to yourself and say “Hooray. Another bank.”

I’ve trashed businesses a lot here recently, and it’s true that I’d like to see all corporations crumble. But I can’t help liking this kind of ad, which anticipates my scoffing and responds with humor. This is one of the most perfect attempts at persuasion I’ve seen in an advertisement.