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  • Tips on Activism Volume II: Writing an Effective Letter

    Letter writing is often considered to be a lost art in a world of emails and text messages. However, the ability to write a competent letter is another skill that will be useful in all aspects of life, not just in activism. AND, it’s a tried and true way to let elected representatives know what […]

  • Join The Movement

    (This was published in the Hoot today. They deleted all of my sources, as well as the times of SEA meetings and explanation that one of SEA’s campaigns is The Leadership Campaign. Here is the full article.) To be alive in the year 2010 is to carry an enormous burden. We have been born, due […]

  • Oren Strategy

    The competing claims on what Michael Oren represents, and over the appropriate way to handle his invitation to be Commencement speaker, fascinate me. How effective is the framing of different competing claims? Is their activism strategic and are their tactics well-thought-out? I find this stuff fascinating. Here’s what I think is going on: The competing […]

  • Irresponsible Journalism

    I was shocked today when I opened my copy of the Hoot to see the article “Irresponsible Fees” by Alex Schneider.  Let’s consider the term “irresponsible.” Princeton wordnet defines it as “showing a lack of care for consequences.” Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “not answerable for conduct or actions; not liable to be called […]

  • Campus Activism, is it worth it?

    STAND (A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) is holding a forum Thursday 8-10pm in the International Lounge (in Usdan) called “What’s the Point?”: Have questions about the value of your activism? Wonder if it is any use? Come hear a panel of professors, activist, adn studetns around campus talk about the importance and significance of taking action […]

  • March 4th

    “It’s hard to talk about history, when you’re in it…” This was easily one of the most profound messages I took away from a recent talk by Angus Johnston, a professor at CUNY and historian of student activism. Speaking to an audience of student organizers from across the US this past Saturday, Johnston explained that […]

  • One Year Anniversary of Rose Announcement

    One year ago today (Jan 26th), President Reinharz announced the closing of the Rose Art Museum. While the museum and its collection remain intact, that status is precarious at best. The administration and its PR team have gone to great lengths to lull the Brandeis community into a false sense of security, suppressing those that […]

  • Rose Re-Opening…and Why You Should Go

    This Wednesday, from 6 to 8pm, the Rose will have a re-opening with a show of works from the permanent collection. There are still a lot of issues and feelings surrounding the situation with the Rose, but that is precisely why it is important to attend–we need to show that we still care, and that […]

  • Rutgers Students Prosecuted for Anti-War Protest?!?

    Three Rutgers students have been issued summons to appear in the illustrious courts of my home state of NJ because of their efforts in organizing a walk-out last month against the Iraq war. From the NJ Star Ledger: Three Rutgers University students who participated last month in the annual walk-out against the Iraq War, where […]