Campus Activism, is it worth it?

STAND (A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) is holding a forum Thursday 8-10pm in the International Lounge (in Usdan) called “What’s the Point?”:

Have questions about the value of your activism? Wonder if it is any use?

Come hear a panel of professors, activist, adn studetns around campus talk about the importance and significance of taking action for causes we care about, especially when what we are fighting for (or against) is miles away.

You should go. It should be good. Also, the speakers are Professor Gordon Fellman, Professor Cunningham, myself, and Evan Green-Lowe. The Professors are talking about whatever, I’m supposed to talk about how activism is fullfilling to me, and Evan is going to talk about how students are frustrated with activism and view activism on campus with suspicion.

I think this event speaks to many people’s experiences with being disillusioned by activism. It should be good, and I’m not only saying that because they are flattering me by asking me to be a panelist. Also – dinner will be provided, I hear.