Tag: Foundational Documents

  • What is Innermost Parts?

    As a lead up to our reLaunch on November 2-3, Innermost Parts is posting a series of critical, long-form thoughtful pieces on where we are, what we’re trying to achieve, that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy. What is Innermost Parts? A critical examination in advance of our 2nd birthday: I founded Innermost Parts […]

  • The Dearth of Democracy (aka: Why Innermost Parts exists) Part 2

    The problem of Brandeis civil society cannot be solved merely by elections. We cannot shove elections down the throat of a mostly apathetic and uninformed populace: with a typical voting rate of 30%, Brandeis students vote less often than the population at large. The newspapers, which are the first line of defense for this sort […]

  • The Dearth of Democracy (aka: Why Innermost Parts exists) Part 1

    Brandeis University is not structured to be a democracy, but the individuals inside believe strongly in that ethic. This contradiction produces tension and problems of Social Justice on campus. As a private University, all power theoretically flows downwards from the Board of Trustees, but the picture is more complicated. They hire the president, he hires […]

  • Social Justice Summit

    Went to a Social Justice Social Policy Summit today. It was really interesting. Some ideas expressed were oldies but still unanswered, and some insights made me pause and think: – In what ways can we foster a culture of Social Justice on campus? – Many people at the summit talked about a need for mentorship […]


    “Truth, unto its innermost parts.” The motto of Brandeis, emblazoned in brilliant white on 20-foot projection screens behind induction ceremonies before you’ve even unpacked your toothbrush. But like most lofty ideals, it hasn’t traveled much farther than its position as decorative collegiate background. There has been a lot to be upset about lately, too many […]

  • Why we fight

    Something is rotten in the campus of Brandeis. Those guiding the course of this University have abandoned the core values that made our namesake great, and here we are, drifting rudderless into the sea of the future. Louis Brandeis was a champion of the people against the powerful, a guardian of civil rights, an advocate […]