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  • Behind the Scenes at Innermost Parts

    What’s going on at Innermost Parts? Why has posting been so light? Here’s the deal. Many of us at Innermost Parts are spending our time getting the Change Agency off the ground. Change Agency is a chartered campus club with the same goals as we have: to grow and strengthen the progressive community at Brandeis. […]

  • Rules of Conduct; Play Nice

    Recently the level of personal attacks in the comments has increased. This is a bad thing. For those of you who are new, please check the rules. In light of recent events we’ve decided to start enforcing them more. Commenting – We at Innermost Parts want to foster a community, not give¬†assholes a platform to […]

  • What is Innermost Parts?

    As a lead up to our reLaunch on November 2-3, Innermost Parts is posting a series of critical, long-form thoughtful pieces on where we are, what we’re trying to achieve, that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy. What is Innermost Parts? A critical examination in advance of our 2nd birthday: I founded Innermost Parts […]