Rules of Conduct; Play Nice

Recently the level of personal attacks in the comments has increased. This is a bad thing. For those of you who are new, please check the rules. In light of recent events we’ve decided to start enforcing them more.

Commenting – We at Innermost Parts want to foster a community, not give assholes a platform to attack others. We believe that if you have something meaningful to say, you should be proud to say it openly.

Commenters  are heavily encouraged to use their Brandeis email addresses (which will not be publicly displayed) and real names when posting. We reserve the right to moderate comments, especially anonymous ones.

At the very least, commenters must provide valid email addresses and post under a name that is not something silly or hurtful.

We realize that sometimes there is a real need for anonymity. Remember, we’re a small community here. If you choose to comment anonymously know that  you will be held to a stricter standard of common decency.

We further encourage you to register an account with us to make sure your comment doesn’t accidentally get caught in the spam filters.

In short, use a real name and use a real email address. If you don’t, you better behave yourself.

If you do post anonymously (and you should only do so if you’ll play nice) we renew our pledge to keep your identity secret.

Innermost Parts will not become the means for an individual to bully another. Remember, we are all students here and we should all treat each other with respect. Identifying yourself in your comments reflects the choices you’ve made to be a decent and honorable person. This trust is essential to our community, please do not abuse it or pervert it.