Author: Esther Brandon

  • Turkish Relief Efforts

    Hey, Please check out this e-mail to support the Turkish relief effort. To whom it may concern, I am contacting you to inform you of a new campus initiative. This student- run initiative is a group of concerned students with the goal of helping with Turkish relief efforts for the recent, devastating earthquake through raising […]

  • Andrew Slack

    Andrew Slack, who graduated in 2002, is not only a fantastic friend but a visionary. He is featured in Brandeis NOW, along with an awesome video. Check out this blurb and follow the link: Andrew Slack ’02 is creator, co-founder, and executive director of the Harry Potter Alliance, which takes a creative approach to activism […]

  • Hiatt- You are SO FUNNY!

    Hey Seniors!! This is a really great opportunity to have Hiatt check over your resume… also Hiatt made a joke! Haunted by family asking what you’ll be doing after graduation? Wishing Trick-or-Treat wasn’t just for kids? Hiatt has a special treat that will make your head spin: resume e-reviews! Just email your resume to […]

  • 22 Year Old Stands Up to Bank of America

    Please read this extraordinary story of Molly Katchpole a 22 year old from Washington, and her struggle against big banks. She created a petition against Bank of America’s $5 debit card fee. She utilized the website to raise awareness. Over 300,000 people supported Molly’s cause, and not only is Bank of America revising its […]

  • Relief forTurkey

    Please check out this e-mail from Monique Gnanaratnam, the director of the Intercultural Center. Dear All, As many of you might have heard on the news, the city of Van, located on the eastern part of Turkey has experienced a devastating earthquake with the magnitude of 7.2. As of now 550 people have been reported […]

  • Halloween For The Hungry

    Halloween For The Hungry is looking for volunteers! This year is the 25th anniversary of Halloween for the Hungry Food Drive! As club leaders your position can help inspire and mobilize fellow Brandeisians to get involved and give back to those in need. Ask your organization to volunteer to trick-or-treat for donations of canned goods, […]


    Make a difference on our country’s most pressing issues If you’re looking for a powerful opportunity to change America for the better, consider U.S. PIRG (U.S. Public Interest Research Group). U.S. PIRG is a federation of state-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that work in the public interest. With U.S. PIRG, you might work to: End our […]

  • Earthquake in Eastern Turkey

    Hello Brandeis, I am very saddened to report that the earthquake in Eastern Turkey has been recorded as having a 7.2 magnitude. According to the CNN article, the death toll has risen to 279, with another 1,300 injured. There have been numerous aftershocks, some reaching to a 6.0 magnitude, which has caused even further damage. […]

  • BSF Gets a Check!

    National Office Furniture has awarded The Brandeis Sustainability Fund the Gift of Inspiration for Education Environments, a prize which comes with $25,000! As Brandeis Now reports, “Janna Cohen-Rosenthal ’03, a member of the Facilities services staff who serves as campus sustainability coordinator, applied for the National Office Furniture gift and says it “is a wonderful […]

  • Labor Fight here at Brandeis

    The Attack on Public Workers with Andrew Porter, National Organizer of the Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) When: Tuesday, October 25th at 8 PM Where: Pearlman Lounge Sponsored by Brandeis Labor Coalition Occupy Wall Street has shown a new break through in class consciousness among the working and middle classes against the financial sector. Yet, the […]

  • Message from Benjamin Beutel

    Dear Social Justice Club Leaders, My name is Benjamin Beutel, and I am the new chair of the Student Union Senate Social Justice Committee. The Committee’s first priority this year is to increase correspondence and collaboration between social justice groups and leaders at Brandeis. To get started, I would like to have a meeting of […]


    COME JOIN the BRANDEIS INTERFAITH GROUP (BIG) and NAMASKAR (the Hindu/Sikh/Jain group on campus) and CHAPLAINCY in WELCOMING A VERY SPECIAL SPEAKER FROM INDIA *Swamini Sadvidyananda Saraswati* This Thursday, October 13, 9 pm-10 pm at the Peace Room in Usdan Student Center (1st floor, Gluck Entrance near Levin ballroom) The Swamimi is a disciple of […]

  • ONE Movement

    Check out this activist event from Brittany Ritell! Not eating a thing for 24 hours – what would it feel like? This is the reality for 923 million people around the world. Could you survive a day in their shoes? The famine in Somalia had killed 30,000 children in the last 3 months. Without urgent […]

  • Action TONIGHT!

    Hey Brandeis activists, CHECK OUT this very important message from Matt Gabrenya: You’ve heard about Occupy Wall Street… the movement is growing. There are now ongoing occupations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and numerous other cities. This is it folks. A new American democracy movement is developing. This is something that our country has not […]

  • Occupy Wall Street Statement

    If you are following the Occupy movement (where there is now an Occupy Boston!!!), you may want to check out this statement is issued by the General Assemblies of the Occupy movement: National General Assemblies Draft Declaration Version: 1.0 Time: 9/30/2011 Over two centuries ago America’s founders gathered to air their grievances with the British […]

  • Election Results

    The following is a summary of results from last week’s election. Senator-at-Large Evyn Rabinowitz Class of 2015 Senators Sneha Walia Daniel Novak Class of 2012 Senator Melissa Donze Class of 2013 Senators Theodore Choi Sarah G. Kim Alumni Association Representative Jenny Lau Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representative Lisa Purdy Rohan Bhatia Castle Quad Senator Kelsey Dean […]

  • Rosh Hashanah

    In case you are wondering what this Rosh Hashanah holiday is, and why you have two days off, check out this email from the Interfaith Chaplaincy To: The Brandeis Community This Wednesday night, September 28, Jews around the world will begin a very special period called “the Days of Awe.” This ten day span begins […]

  • Urgent Action

    Hey! Here is an urgent action sent from Matt Gabrenya. Hey yall, Tomorrow (Monday) there will be a BIG tar sands action at Harvard U. David Axelrod, a top advisor to Obama, and chief strategist of his ’08 campaign will be speaking to a closed-room audience at Harvard. We’re going to be demonstrating our opposition […]

  • Robbery

    If you haven’t seen this e-mail from Ed Callahan, please take a look! With all the robberies taking place on campus and in Waltham, I strongly encourage everyone to use the buddy system while traveling at night. Always lock your room when you leave, and lock it before you go to bed at night. If […]

  • Troy Davis

    The state of Georgia killed Troy Davis last night. I’m sure many of you are aware of this tragedy. I receive updates from after signing the petition to save his life. I know many I have talked with are upset, and I wanted to share the words from Patrick of I hope those […]

  • Occupy Wall St: a Briefing

    Here is update from Shea! Occupy Wall St: a Briefing Our own Tahrir Square moment is happening right now in the newly renamed “Liberty Plaza” in the Financial district in NYC. 1. What is this movement? What is going on here? The protesters in Liberty Plaza are a heterogeneous, ambiguous group, as they were in […]

  • Benjamin Beutel for VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!

    INNERMOST PARTS IS ENDOORSING Benjamin Beutel – He is a double major with history and politics. He has served in student government in the past. He is a man so brave that two years ago, he was in a belly dance group. Benjamin wants to be YOUR VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!!!! In the Village, Benjamin pledges […]

  • Ethics Center Paid Leadership Opportunity

    Paid Undergraduate Leadership Opportunity at Brandeis Deadline: Mon Sept 19 at noon Do You: Have creative ideas and strong opinions? Like to stir up conversation? Think Brandeis needs more informed discussion of major public issues? Are you: Interested in a paid opportunity to get involved? Interested in building engaged communities at Brandeis, around any of […]

  • Tell JC Penney and Forever 21: Stop insulting girls’ intelligence

    Good morning Brandeis! When I checked my email, I was bombarded by 5 or 6 very angry e-mails to “FIGHT JC PENNY”, “GIRL’S INTELLIGENCE”, and “FIGHT SEXISM”! Forever 21 and JC Penny began stocking teenage girl shirts with witty comments like “Allergic to Algebra”. Are they only a harmless joke? Or do they represent inherent […]

  • Debt Debates

    Here is a video from President Obama about the debt argument in Washington. Here is the infographic. Taken from, here are a few over view points from the deal. What the Debt Deal Does: Removes economic uncertainty surrounding the debt limit at a critical time and prevents either party from using a failure to […]

  • Birth control!

    WOOHOO!! I am celebrating because the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has ruled that birth control is basic preventive health care and should be made available to millions of women in the United States without a co-pay. This is a huge step forward for health care and women’s rights, made possible by Planned […]

  • Tuition prices increase

    Hey Brandeis, If you checked your e-mail before 4:15pm today, you have seen the announcement about the increase in charges for the 2011-2012 academic year. According to Keenyn McFarlane, the Vice President for Enrollment, tuition, room and board, and other fees have been increased by 3.9 %. The “total charges,” which of course depends on […]

  • Global Peace Index 2011

    Hey Brandeis, The 2011 edition of the Global Peace Index just came out! It is an annual study compiled by the Institute of Economics and Peace. The GPI ranks 153 nations measuring the absence or presence of violence in society. The base conclusions on 23 indicators, such as military spending and respect for human rights. […]

  • “It Gets Better” Red Sox Style

    During yesterday afternoon’s winning game against the Oakland A’s, the Red Sox announced that they would create an “It Gets Better” video. The Sox will be the third professional sports team to participate in the “It Gets Better” campaign, following the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs. The teams were inspired to make videos […]

  • Noam’s post

    I read a beautiful post by Noam Sienna a few days ago, and thought I would share it with you. He wrote a touching narrative about his experiences with Muslim friends at Brandeis. He tells it best in his own words, so I encourage you to read it in it’s entirety. Click here for joy!

  • Congratulations Dr. Goldstein

    Hello Brandeis! I would like to give my warmest congratulations to Dr. Steve A.N. Goldstein ’78, the next provost of Brandeis University! (He is succeeding Marty Krauss, Ph.D. ’81.) He is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and director of the Institute of Molecular Pediatric Sciences. He hails […]

  • CSA Program

    Hello Brandeis! I know I haven’t even started thinking about going back to Brandeis in the fall, but for those of you with kitchens, you may want to look into the CSA program. Brandeis Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) joins with Warner Farm in Waltham to bring Brandeis lots of fresh, healthy vegetables! The partnership began […]

  • SAMFund

    Hey Brandeis! Check out what Sara Miller and Lauren Fox are up to! They are leading group of Brandeis students, which includes cancer survivors and friends, to participate in a fundraising competition by the SAMFund (starting by Brandeis grad and teacher Samantha Watson). The group is attempting to raise at least $1,000. To help, please […]

  • Student Union

    Here is the official list of next year’s Student Union. Executive Board: President: Herbie Rosen ’12 Vice President: Gloria Park ’13 Treasurer: Dan Lee ’12 Secretary: Todd Kirkland ’13 Director of Executive Affairs: Abby Kulawitz ’12 Co-Director of Academic Affairs: Rebecca Bachman ’13 Co-Director of Academic Affairs: Savannah Pearlman ’12 – has resigned from Senior […]

  • PAX

    Yesterday, the Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence minor program was renewed for another 5 years at Brandeis! YAY! You can find out more about the program here. I am a PAX minor, which has been one of the best decisions of my life! The professors are fantastic, the classes are relevant and interesting! If you thinking […]

  • AWESOME Summer Opportunity!

    For those of you who haven’t met Alex Kern, he is the fantastic Protestant Chaplain here at Brandeis. Not only is he one of the kindest and most compassionate people I have ever met, he is a champion of peace and justice. He promotes peace on campus, and also serves as the executive director of […]

  • Important Message from the Brandeis Labor Coalition!

    Hello Brandeis! I know this has been posted before, but this issue is so important I need you to tell ALL of your friends. SIGN THE PETITION TO SUPPORT BRANDEIS DINING SERVICE WORKERS! I have been reading in the news about other college campuses where students have made fierce campaigns to support workers. Right now, […]

  • Does this new information change anything?

    There is a new official account of Sunday night, check it out in the New York Times article. According to the reports, the following information has been released to the public: 1. Osama was NOT armed. 2. There was heavy fire from others in the house. 3. Osama’s wife was shot in the leg, but […]

  • ELECTIONS Round 2!!!

    Congratulations to the newly elected! 2014 Class Senate Rosby Kome-Mensah Ricky Rosen 2012 Class Senate Missy Skolnik Senator at Large Shekeyla Caldwell Student Union Judiciary Shirel Guez FBoard Sidak Pannu Racial Minority FBoard Dillon Harvey Jr. Representative to the Alumni Association Emily Kane Jr. Rep to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Suzanne Rothman The rest of […]

  • Osama Update

    If you are interested in learning more about the Osama Operation, check out this New York Times article! Here are the highlights of the operation: For years, the agonizing search for Osama bin Laden kept coming up empty. Then last July, Pakistanis working for the Central Intelligence Agency drove up behind a white Suzuki navigating […]