ELECTIONS Round 2!!!

Congratulations to the newly elected!

2014 Class Senate
Rosby Kome-Mensah
Ricky Rosen

2012 Class Senate
Missy Skolnik

Senator at Large
Shekeyla Caldwell

Student Union Judiciary
Shirel Guez

Sidak Pannu

Racial Minority FBoard
Dillon Harvey

Jr. Representative to the Alumni Association
Emily Kane

Jr. Rep to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Suzanne Rothman

The rest of the positions remain unfilled until first thing next semester.
The Racial Minority Senate and 2013 Class Senate results are not
listed, due to the fact that there were no candidates officially

Election results: election results


One thought on “ELECTIONS Round 2!!!”

  1. The high number of abstentions should serve as a well-needed wake-up call to the Student Union – they are WAY out of touch.

    The Student Union is in long need of massive structural overhaul. The Senate is the first thing that has got to go.

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