Tag: Netroots Nation 2008

  • Go ask Nancy; I think she knows

    I’m here at Netroots Nation (of course) at the ‘ask the Speaker” event. Nancy Pelosi will be here for about 2 hours answering questions from all these grassroots activists. Gina Cooper (the charming / kick-ass organizer of the conference) is introducing the event. One item – any  organized disruption  will end the event and the offenders will be thrown out of […]

  • Notes – How to stand out outline

    John Hlinko (of Grassroots Enterprise) teach. I type. You read. Lessons – 1: Measure, don’t assume 2: Give people what they want 3: Find the multipliers Find the influential people who can spread to their friends. What content inspires multipliers? topical. in the news emotionally impactful (humor, anger, etc) cognitive dissonance Dash of Beavis and […]

  • Markos-Harold Ford Netroots Nation Liveblogging

    Arshad Hasan of DFA is moderating. Hooray for DFA! For a more amusing take on the whole thing, check out my friend Ned Resnikoff’s liveblog at Veritosity. Much more concise and easy to read. Arshad talks about his status as a non-impartial person. But oh well. Markos gives his standard speech. Talks about standing up […]

  • Success Stories at Netroots Nation

    I’m at a panel called “Working from the Inside Out: Success Stories in Netroots Organizing” Tim Karr of Free Press: Talking about the COPE Act in 2006. (Dealing with Net Neutrality) Worked with MoveOn and the netroots. Mentioned Ask a Ninja even doing videos in favor of net neutrality. Killed the bill. Wonky peeps at […]

  • Oil and Energy liveblog

    Yesterday I was at the Open Left caucus: “You need to set up an enemy as the antithesis of everything  you’re for. We at <organization> use CEO’s. People go crazy when you even mention CEO’s” There was a discussion on how to talk about energy policy and the environment. “Our energy policy basically consists of […]

  • Tidbits from the Youth caucus

    Ned Resnikoff: There are two traditional ways that old people try to get youth to vote. One is like Rock the Vote: ‘Voting is RADD!!” or through guilt: “HOW DARE YOU not vote???” How do we grow a progressive youth movement? My thoughts: We all know the basc tactics of youth get-out-the vote strategies: peer-to-peer, […]

  • Let loose the dogs of blogging

    Everything really is bigger in Texas. The conference center here is cavernous and echoing. Even the free totebags are stuffed full. What a weird place. Everywhere I go I see people, some well-dressed, some in T-shirts and jeans,  are sitting in  hallways plugged to the wall, typing away. Seeing as how Democracy for America paid my way here, I’m chilling at the DFA caucus. The deputy training director for DFA is teaching people how to organize events. What have we learned so far? We’ve gone through a case study of organizing a […]