Notes – How to stand out outline

John Hlinko (of Grassroots Enterprise) teach. I type. You read.

Lessons –
1: Measure, don’t assume

2: Give people what they want

3: Find the multipliers
Find the influential people who can spread to their friends.

What content inspires multipliers?
topical. in the news
emotionally impactful (humor, anger, etc)
cognitive dissonance
Dash of Beavis and Butthead
117 emails – if inbox has 117 emails, and yours is 118, will they read it?
Ignore the “joy sponges” – people who suck the joy out of life

Joy sponges aren’t offended, but think others will be.

4: Get Creative
use a villian
focus on multipliers in specific community

Find creative / funny friends and bounce ideas off each other.
There’s nothing stopping you from using lots of micro-sites and targeting each to a specific audience.

Insight -“The success of the draft clark movement wasn’t in havin 60,000 people in a database. It was having 6 million people watching our meetups on CNN and so forth.” The power of the web can be in challenging energy and forcing old media to cover it.