Author: Jessica

  • Let’s Take A Step Back

    I’m just going to talk about a few things regarding this whole Oren debacle that have been bothering me. I am sick of being treated like (and assumed to be with no real basis) an uninformed, protest-happy, activist.  Instead of dismissively demeaning my intelligence because of the position I hold in opposition to this decision, […]

  • Gordie Fellman on the O’Reilly Factor

    Few people know, unless they’ve had a class with Gordie, that he was invited onto the O’Reilly Factor shortly after 9/11.  After seeing the video, I was astonished that it wasn’t on youtube so I just recently got the dvd from him, converted the video files so they were youtube friendly, and put it up […]

  • WHOfraud

    So, recently I lost my student ID, like most Brandeis students do at least once during their academic career.  Now normally this isn’t a big deal because someone will give it to the Info Desk at Shapiro, or message you on facebook to give it back.  Maybe at worst you’ll have to shell out the […]

  • Diversity Survey

    If you’ve checked your mail recently, you should have gotten an e mail from Kaamila Mohamed regarding taking a diversity survey.  Here are the contents of the e mail, and I urge you all to take a few minutes out of your schedules to answer a few questions!! Dear Brandeis Student, As two students interested […]

  • ADD Anyone?

    So, I posted this on facebook a while back, but it is something I think about every time I sit down to study, so I thought that maybe you beautiful Innermost Parts readers might enjoy it as well. I recently read an article by Nicholas Carr called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, and I found […]

  • “Columbus Day Observed”

    “Columbus Day Observed” is what I read on my calendar this morning, which I promptly scratched out and responded with “not in this house”. I am very happy that Brandeis does not recognize Columbus Day, especially since I read the book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen and my eyes were opened to […]

  • Activism and Religion

    So, I wrote an article in the currently released edition of the Justice on Buddhism and activism (specifically tied to the peace movement).*  My goal in writing this letter to the editor was to correct a misinterpretation of Buddhism as “passive withdrawal from the world”.  In devoting so much time to thinking about engaged Buddhism, […]

  • Wait, Really?

    Ok. So normally Jordan Rothman’s articles only leave me feeling irritated, but his article in this past weeks edition of The Hoot had me pulling out my hair and yelling at the paper. You can read the entire article here and if you aren’t half as upset as I am, maybe we should do lunch […]

  • Some summer revelations, and an opportunity to help!

    [Sahar here. Please welcome Jessica, our even-newest contributor]. I had quite the experience this summer, thanks to funding from the Peace Awards here at Brandeis. In short, I went to India for two months and taught English and World Religions to underprivileged Buddhist nuns in the Himalayas.  I went through the Jamyang Foundation, which has […]