Wait, Really?

Ok. So normally Jordan Rothman’s articles only leave me feeling irritated, but his article in this past weeks edition of The Hoot had me pulling out my hair and yelling at the paper.

You can read the entire article here and if you aren’t half as upset as I am, maybe we should do lunch and talk about why you should be.

The entire article operates on the definition of peace as the absence of war and an unfounded romanticization of military service.  And to my surprise, he includes his…dare I say, liberal … position on gays in the military.

One thing that had me particularly dumbfounded was his passionate anger and disgust towards the Peace Room… (yes, I said the Peace Room)

“I remember the first time I entered the Peace Room during my freshmen year. This tucked away space in the Usdan Student Center is a revolting display of propaganda, as it includes a one-sided view of a very multi-faceted reality. Furnished like a hippie hashish-smoking room and containing an 8-foot tall statue of Ghandi, this place oozed the disgusting aura of blind non-violence. Worst of all, the room possessed a register of conscientious objectors, where Brandeis students had inscribed their names in order to represent themselves under this classification. This place was disgusting, this room was horrific. I felt like taking a flamethrower to the place. The room represented the blind pursuance of liberal ideals so indicative of our institution.Continue reading “Wait, Really?”