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  • I’m voting for this guy

    Check out what came into my facebook inbox last night: My dear friends, I would first like to thank you for joining this group. It means a lot to me, almost as if you had liked a status of mine, or poked me. Unfortunately, I will be unable to message you at midnight when voting […]

  • Getting Rid of Robert’s Rules

    One of the biggest arguments in favor of the Union government restructuring proposal was that it would remove the difficult parliamentary procedure of the Senate.  The new Union Assembly would have been a smaller body, free from the obscure minutiae of Robert’s Rules of Order and easier for students to approach and work with. Even […]

  • Leeyat Slyper Sworn In

    For those of you who follow such things, the Elections Commission changed its mind on who won the Union Judiciary elections, and Leeyat Slyper was sworn in as the fifth Justice during Wednesday’s inaugurations.  Regardless of what you think about the interpretation of the elections rules, I can’t see anyone complaining too much about this; […]

  • Who’s on Our New UJ?

    There’s a debate in the comments of the election results post over who exactly won the Union Judiciary race.  This is a complex situation, and there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it.  I’ve looked at the election rules, the Constitution, and the vote totals as thoroughly as I can, and here are five scenarios on […]

  • UJ Declines to Hear Case on Electoral Eligibility

    The Union Judiciary just sent out an e-mail denying certiorari (declining to hear) a case brought by Henry Schleifer, a former write-in candidate for next year’s UJ.  Henry had formed a Facebook group to campaign for the position despite the fact he’s currently studying abroad.  However, because his term would technically begin next Wednesday during […]

  • Write-in and vote NEDA EID for Justice to the Union Judiciary at 12AM!

    The Student Union is in dire need of your help. There are five positions for the Justice to the Union Judiciary and only three people are technically running. As a voter, you can select up to 5 people. Seniors can also vote. Since my start at Brandeis University, I’ve attended two Union Judiciary trials and […]

  • The Trial Of The Century

    The frivolous lawsuit that Eric Alterman has launched against Alex Melman, Lev Hirschhorn, and the Union Senate is set to take place Saturday at 5pm. Location is TBD, witness lists and evidence are due by Friday at 5pm. Below is the text of Chief Justice Rachel Graham Kagan’s email: Having received a case for review […]

  • Election Results

    Sorry about the delay, the results came in much later than usual this time.  Here they are: UJ: Rank Candidate Votes % 1 Matthew Kriegsman 223 69.69 2 Bret Matthews 70 21.88

  • Questionnaire from Bret Matthew

    We sent every candidate for Union office in the upcoming winter elections a short questionnaire on relevant issues.  Below the fold is the response from Bret Matthew, candidate for Justice of the Union Judiciary.