Questionnaire from Bret Matthew

We sent every candidate for Union office in the upcoming winter elections a short questionnaire on relevant issues.  Below the fold is the response from Bret Matthew, candidate for Justice of the Union Judiciary.

1.  What experience do you have that you think would help you be an effective Justice?

As many of you know, my largest commitment by far here at Brandeis has been my work on The Brandeis Hoot, both as a writer and as the Impressions Editor.  I will be just as dedicated to the position of Associate Justice.

I believe that the ability to be impartial is essential to anyone who wishes to serve as a Justice.  As  an editor, it was my job to give every student who writes an opinion column an equal voice, regardless of whether I personally agree with their views.  If elected as an Associate Justice, I will be required to hear all sides of a case and judge them fairly and impartially.  I believe that I am prepared to do this.

2.  What would your approach be in judging a case, and how do you think it might be different from the approach others would take?

In any case that comes before the UJ, I believe that my first priority must be to look to the Student Union Constitution and rule accordingly, without any regard, as I mentioned before, to any personal biases that I may have.  In an instance where the wording of the Constitution is vague or contradictory and no immediate answer is available, it will become my duty to interpret it, and I will do so in a fair and pragmatic manner.

3.  As a Union government officer, would you involve yourself in Union projects beyond the Judiciary?  If so, what?

I’m not sure that, if elected, it would be appropriate for me as an Associate Justice to take on specific Union projects for myself, a practice that, I believe, is reserved for Senators and E-Boarders.  I would, however, be more than willing to offer my assistance to any events put on by the Union as a whole (fundraisers, etc.)