Questionnaire from Amanda Hecker

We sent every candidate for Union office in the upcoming winter elections a short questionnaire on relevant issues.  Below the fold is the response from Amanda Hecker, candidate for Senator for the Class of 2010.

1.  What new or existing projects would you like to work on in the Senate?

I strongly support the Student Union and Waltham Group initiative to create a community outreach component in clubs.  I want to pursue initiatives that will bring the study body together as well as have a focus to communities outside of Brandeis.  Additionally, as clearly reflects, I echo the need for students to have a larger part in the decisions that the administration is currently making regarding the economic crisis.  I want to reach out to the class of 2010 more and receive more feedback.  I plan to collaborate with other Senate members and create a weekly listserve that students can choose to join which updates students on the happenings at the Sunday Senate meeting.

As an aside – Paul is continuing to establish the bike rentals.  I will definitely seek him out for advice as well as help him out with his project if he needs it.

2.  What experience do you have that you think would help you be an effective Senator?

I was a member of the Finance Board last year so I am aware of the variety of clubs on campus and the student voice.  As a two-year coordinator on Student Events, I enjoy catering to my peers and I will actively seek feedback on any initiative I plan to undertake.

3.  What issues do you find most pressing for your specific constituency?

I find the issue of student involvement in the immediate Brandeis changes most pressing for the class of 2010.  We are both affected by these implementations now and will experience the effects when we graduate next spring.

4.  One of the four pillars upon which Brandeis was founded is the commitment to social justice.  How do you interpret this commitment, and what role does the Student Union Senate have in fulfilling it?

I interpret this commitment by helping the community-at-large.  We must create equality on the Brandeis campus but we as educated students must extend our focus beyond Brandeis and contribute to those in need.  The Student Union should implement legislation when it represents Brandeis students and promotes fairness among us, but also create events that further the living conditions and equality of people outside of the Brandeis scope.

5.  What do you consider the most pressing issues facing Brandeis as a result of the budget deficits, and what role would you play as a Senator in working on them?

As I mentioned before, student involvement in administrative decisions is important.  While I do believe that the administration should be trusted with the final decisions, students must be able to have their interests heard by the decision-makers and have more access to them.  I want to support the new Senate-designed committees and similar to the list-serve I want to create for the Senate, I will encourage the students on the committee to either join the list-serve or create their own.

Thank you!

Please vote on February 3 between 12:01am and 11:59pm!!