Author: Jake

  • …And Then We Got 1000 Signatures

    Last Tuesday we met our first goal of 500 signatures on the Celebrate Brandeis Petition. As of 5:31 PM today, we doubled that number to 1000. With 3 days out it seems a little risky to officially raise the bar on the website to 1500 signatures. But there’s no reason we can’t try to get […]

  • 500 Signatures in 18.5 Hours, Let’s Keep Going!

    When we launched the Celebrate Brandeis Petition at 4:30 AM yesterday morning, the initial goal was set for 500 signatures by December 3rd. We shattered that goal in 18 1/2 hours. At this time, 615 people have signed. For lack of a better statistic, that’s more than the usual voting turnout for most campus elections. […]

  • Thanks WBC, I Think I Get Stewart’s Message Now.

    It’s been close to a month now since Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert held the Rallies to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, and as a music major, I’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks reveling in the glory of seeing people like Yusuf Islam, Ozzy Osbourne, The OJays, The Roots, John […]

  • Apply for a Festival of the Arts Grant!!

    Do you have a creative visual or performance based art project that you would like to showcase? Then why not get it funded? Applying for a Festival of the Arts Grant requires only a few short essays regarding the goals and intentions for your project, and could additionally help you flesh out a simple idea […]

  • Live-blogging the Fall 2010 SOTU

    For those of you who can’t make it tonight, here’s what is being said (refresh for frequent updates). 6:30- Still hasn’t started, food is very good. 6:42- Ryan Fanning is doing the introduction. He thanks Aramark. Nice plug. 6:43- Ryan: Financial Situations, Pachanga, it has not been a quiet semester. But we will succeed through […]

  • Trick or Vote!!

    Don’t have plans during the day this Halloween? You should join our Waltham Trick or Vote Party! Here’s how it works: On Sunday afternoon from 4-6, Brandeis students are going to travel into Waltham to knock on doors and request the usual amounts of candy, but we’ll also be performing a civic duty by reminding […]

  • Liveblogging the “Need-sensitive” aid Town Hall.

    We’re at the Town Hall event in Upper Sherman. Taking quick notes, for your enjoyment. Mark Spencer is introducing himself. The reasons for the change – for the last few years, Brandeis has been gapping students. That means that it hasn’t had enough money to fulfill the full need of admitted students. Andrew Giumette: We’ve […]

  • This Thursday- Go to the Financial Aid Meeting

    In an email sent out to the campus on Tuesday, Student Union President Daniel Acheampong announced that a financial aid summit is scheduled for This Thursday from 5:30-7:30 in Feldberg, Upper Sherman. The meeting will be in the style of a Town Hall forum, and will include administrators from Students and Enrollment who will be […]

  • Adam Won!!

    Well, it’s official: The next Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees is our very own Adam Hughes!! We’re all thrilled to know that for the next two years, one of the most powerful positions to which a student can be elected will be upheld with distinction by an experienced candidate whose compassion and dedication […]

  • My F-Board Story

    Two weeks ago the F-Board handed down some pretty upsetting decisions after marathon. We at Innermost Parts have been examining some these numbers on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not there were any trends in the allocation of funds, and whether or not a new system needs to be considered. For now, however, […]

  • Found Recording – Bob Dylan Live At Brandeis in 1963

    In yet another display of why Brandeis in the 1960’s was so amazing, has announced that they will be releasing a live bootleg recording of Bob Dylan playing here on May 10, 1963 for the first ever Brandeis Folk Festival. Here is the track listing (note, all tracks previously unreleased): “Honey Just Allow Me […]

  • Vote Elly For Rosie Senator

    Amidst all of the back-to-school stress, new friendships, and F-board marathon disasters, another school-time tradition is coming up: Elections to the Student Union!! In the next few days, I hope to add to that timeless tradition by asking that you endorse and/or vote for a good friend of mine. Elly Kalfus is running for Senator […]

  • And The Candidates Are…

    Presenting the candidates for Student Union offices, Fall 2010: (Note, candidates with Asterisks next to their name have not officially declared a candidacy, but have expressed interest.) Senator for TYP Alyssa Green Terrell Gilkey *Alexis Munoz Senator for North Quad Alexander Bernstein Jesse Hart Sam Liang Sarah Park Brianda Penafort Shekeyla Caldwell Senator for Massell […]

  • Religion and the Presidency

    In The Hoot’s recent article about the selection of Frederick Lawrence as the new University President, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Malcolm Sherman was asked about the impact of Lawrence’s religion on his confirmation: Malcolm Sherman, Chairman of the Brandeis Board of Trustees said Lawrence’s Judaism was “a consideration” at a school that self-identifies as a […]

  • Pets on College Campuses

    When new freshmen leave home to attend college for the first time, they tend to pack up anything and everything meaningful in their home. I know this from personal experience; when I came to Brandeis, I loaded my car with instruments, movies, clothing, books, posters, anything and everything that I thought I would need at […]

  • Facebook

    Remember when you could use plain text on Facebook in order to express yourself? Now, in yet another update to their loosening privacy settings, all of the text on your profile will be linked to a respective page devoted to your interests/current city/activities/etc. Cool, right? Well, not really. An article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation […]

  • Arizona Students

    In a new letter released by the President of the University of Arizona, he states that a number of out-of-state honors students are planning on transferring as a result of SB 1070, the new Arizona Immigration Enforcement Law: We have already begun to feel an impact from SB1070. The families of a number of out-of-state […]

  • A Few Thoughts About the Aquapocalypse

    On Saturday night, I was killing time and decided to buy a soda at Hannaford’s.  While I was waiting in line, I took notice of the crowds which were mobbing the various check-out aisles.  What every single person had in common was a harried look in their eyes, and what separated the crowd into two […]

  • Write-Ins

    Editor’s Note: Please give a warm welcome to Jake, our newest contributor. When I took a look at the elections results from the past week, I was struck by some of the write-ins.  Students, Brandeis professors, religious figures and totalitarian dictators were tabulated along with the declared candidates for each race. I am the first […]