Arizona Students

In a new letter released by the President of the University of Arizona, he states that a number of out-of-state honors students are planning on transferring as a result of SB 1070, the new Arizona Immigration Enforcement Law:

We have already begun to feel an impact from SB1070. The families of a number of out-of-state students (to date all of them honors students) have told us that they are changing their plans and will be sending their children to universities in other states. This should sadden anyone who cares about attracting the best and brightest students to Arizona.

You can find the link to President’s letter in full here.

I for one would love to see these students attend Brandeis. We could always use more students who are willing to alter their future to bring their education in line with their social justice values.  In addition, it speaks volumes to the ability of college students to voice their opinion to unjust laws. While making a drastic change such as transferring may not be for everyone, it’s certainly inspires a need for everyone to protest this law in his or her own way, even if that just means writing a letter to Governor Brewer to protest.  On that note, you can find her contact information here.