Author: Rivka

  • This is what “Country First” looks like…

    A friend from high school– a Republican– wrote this as a facebook note and said to feel free to pass it on: In Response to the Response of McCain’s Supporters This will be brief. The world is not going to end. President-Elect Obama is not going to personally kick down your door and take all […]

  • What is a progressive union?

    Rivka made a great point in the comments that I think everyone should read, so I hadher rpeost i tto the front page: –Sahar As for whether or not the last Union was “progressive”… it feels really, really weird to apply that term to the Union/Brandeis Senators, but for lack of a better one, I […]

  • Evolution, Cancer, and Society

    I would like to open this post with a quote from Governor Bill Richardson: “I’m not a scientist.” Well, I’m not a physical scientist, anyway. I am a social scientist, and as a social scientist, I believe that all of human history is a record of the tension between desire for individualism and simultaneous desire […]

  • 300 Feet High

    Checking my email today, after deleting a letter from Hillary asking me to help pay off her campaign debt, one from the ACLU of Texas asking me to yell at Governor Perry, and one from Sahar nagging me to write a blog post, I opened a message from Young People For altering me that I […]

  • VoteVets

    Hey, this is Sahar. Welcome our newest contributor, Rivka Maizlish. Hey all. Rivka in the house! I worked at the DFA table today at the protest/rally/vigil thinger, and I’m glad to announce that we have raised 81 dollars to send to, a non-partisan, progressive political action committee that elects veterans who have pledged to […]