This is what “Country First” looks like…

A friend from high school– a Republican– wrote this as a facebook note and said to feel free to pass it on:

In Response to the Response of McCain’s Supporters

This will be brief.

The world is not going to end.

President-Elect Obama is not going to personally kick down your door and take all of your money.

President-Elect Obama is not a Socialist

President-Elect Obama is not a terrorist

It is called the WHITE House because it only happens to be painted white. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

You do not need to flee the country and move to an island resort.

“Hussein” is an extremely common name of Arabic and Turkish origin that has several meanings, including “good” and “beautiful”. Several people throughout History have shown us that a person’s name has little bearing on their actions.

Democracy is based on choice. Like it or not, America chose, now you have a responsibility as citizens to follow McCain’s example and put your country before your own interests. His concession speech showed immense courage, dignity, and patriotism. Too many people are thinking of what immediately benefits their small groups instead of what is good for the country. You may not have voted for him and you don’t have to agree with all of his STATED POLICIES (His name and race are completely irrelevant), but since he has been democratically elected according to the doctrine of the American Constitution, you owe it to your country and yourself to give him a chance. If he fails, then you’ll be able to vote against him in the next election just like people did with Bush, it’s not a dictatorship. However, he is far more likely to succeed if he has the full support of the nation.

Want the country to fail? Keep trying to sabotage the President and we’ll see how soon that happens. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Lincoln said that, and he was quoting the Bible. Make your own connections.

That’s all I have to say.

….incredible, right?