Shit Broken Around Campus?

Help the Union fix it! The Campus Operations Working Group meets with Facilities every other week to talk about things around campus that aren’t working a need fixing. Cracks in the sidewalk? Flooding in your room? Door won’t open? Tell us ASAP!

Send an email to, or post a reply to this thread and we’ll take a look.


2 thoughts on “Shit Broken Around Campus?”

  1. How about all the places on campus where there’s (probably illegally) no curb cut. The path from peripheral road up to Golding; leaving the mail room and turning right into the path between Schwartz and the Castle; The newly-paved road that isn’t even open yet from halfway down the Castle-Gosman path; the end of the new admissions parking lot (there’s only one in the middle of the lot–why not have two?).
    These all come to mind within 10 seconds of thinking about it; surely there are more around campus.

  2. Ya know that spot between the side doors to Usdan and Pearlman with the semi-circle benches and the nicely tiled peace circle? It would be nice to see those circular benches either fixed or replaced. The partial brokenness of it takes away from the beauty of that spot on campus.

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