…And Then We Got 1000 Signatures

Last Tuesday we met our first goal of 500 signatures on the Celebrate Brandeis Petition. As of 5:31 PM today, we doubled that number to 1000. With 3 days out it seems a little risky to officially raise the bar on the website to 1500 signatures. But there’s no reason we can’t try to get as close as we can. We might even beat another goal.

Have you signed yet? . Do it, get all of your friends to do it, and email your club listservs as well.

A lot of people had a hand, or two hands, in writing the petition, but I’m the one writing this post, so on behalf of all of them, I’m really proud that we’ve reached so many people on campus already, and I’m excited to see if the simple act of signing your name can assist in generating an overwhelming turnout for Friday’s events.

In related news, we also got over 1000 people to Commit To Celebrate On Facebook. You Should Sign Up For That Too, It’s Fun.