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  • Liveblogging the “Need-sensitive” aid Town Hall.

    We’re at the Town Hall event in Upper Sherman. Taking quick notes, for your enjoyment. Mark Spencer is introducing himself. The reasons for the change – for the last few years, Brandeis has been gapping students. That means that it hasn’t had enough money to fulfill the full need of admitted students. Andrew Giumette: We’ve […]

  • Need Sensitive Admission, Sensitive to Students Needs?

    While I agree with Bret Matthew’s assertion in his Hoot Op-Ed, that calling Brandeis’ transition to need-sensitive an “affront to social justice” is somewhat sensational, it feels distinctly un-Brandesian to have anything other than achievement go into consideration when determining admission. In the current admissions system, students are listed based on their “desirability” — a […]

  • This Thursday- Go to the Financial Aid Meeting

    In an email sent out to the campus on Tuesday, Student Union President Daniel Acheampong announced that a financial aid summit is scheduled for This Thursday from 5:30-7:30 in Feldberg, Upper Sherman. The meeting will be in the style of a Town Hall forum, and will include administrators from Students and Enrollment who will be […]