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  • Liveblogging the “Need-sensitive” aid Town Hall.

    We’re at the Town Hall event in Upper Sherman. Taking quick notes, for your enjoyment. Mark Spencer is introducing himself. The reasons for the change – for the last few years, Brandeis has been gapping students. That means that it hasn’t had enough money to fulfill the full need of admitted students. Andrew Giumette: We’ve […]

  • Livebloggin’ the Social Panel for Autism Awareness

    I’m in the Alumni Lounge, waiting for SPECTRUM’s Social Panel on Autism Awareness to begin, and if you’re reading right now, you should definitely try to show up — there are all of 11 people right now waiting to hear from the panelists, and the event ostensibly began five minutes ago.  However, if you can’t […]

  • Livebloggin’ the Right-Wing Radicalism Conference

    I’m in the International Lounge right now, waiting for Right-Wing Radicalism: A Transatlantic Perspective to begin.  The national attention on the conference has caused campus interest to skyrocket, and I know that many people who want to be here can’t, whether because of class or a general lack of space.  So I’ll be liveblogging the […]