Trick or Vote!!

Don’t have plans during the day this Halloween? You should join our Waltham Trick or Vote Party! Here’s how it works: On Sunday afternoon from 4-6, Brandeis students are going to travel into Waltham to knock on doors and request the usual amounts of candy, but we’ll also be performing a civic duty by reminding Massachusetts residents to complete their civic duty next Tuesday. Thousands of volunteers will be asking their fellow city and town residents to vote next Tuesday, and we look forward to contributing to the program’s success; consider the fact that face-to-face canvassing, done by either politicians or their supporters, is considered the most effective method to encourage someone to vote, and it has the potential to increase voter turnout by 8-12%.

In addition, the event is also non-partisan: we’re not asking people to vote for Patrick, Cahill, or Baker, or any other candidate, just that they take five minutes out of their day to allow their voice to be heard. There are already several political and issue based co-sponsoring clubs, including the Brandeis Democrats, Brandeis Republicans, The Justice League, and The Brandeis Tea Party, and the Student Peace Alliance, as well as service groups like Halloween for the Hungry. As a result, this may also be an excellent opportunity to get to know those at Brandeis who do not share your political ideology, and start a fight with them. That last part was a joke, please don’t do that.

We’re hoping to have a fun, spirited, and spooky time, and we hope that you’ll join us.

For more information, check out their website. Clubs interested in co-sponsoring, and all other Brandeis-related questions can be directed toward Geneva Boyer at