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  • Live-blogging the Fall 2010 SOTU

    For those of you who can’t make it tonight, here’s what is being said (refresh for frequent updates). 6:30- Still hasn’t started, food is very good. 6:42- Ryan Fanning is doing the introduction. He thanks Aramark. Nice plug. 6:43- Ryan: Financial Situations, Pachanga, it has not been a quiet semester. But we will succeed through […]

  • New Union Website soon (again)

    So I’ve been assured that the new Union website is going up tomorrow – for real this time. Hooray?

  • The Dearth of Democracy (aka: Why Innermost Parts exists) Part 1

    Brandeis University is not structured to be a democracy, but the individuals inside believe strongly in that ethic. This contradiction produces tension and problems of Social Justice on campus. As a private University, all power theoretically flows downwards from the Board of Trustees, but the picture is more complicated. They hire the president, he hires […]