Adam Won!!

Well, it’s official: The next Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees is our very own Adam Hughes!! We’re all thrilled to know that for the next two years, one of the most powerful positions to which a student can be elected will be upheld with distinction by an experienced candidate whose compassion and dedication to Brandeis will serve him well.

If you didn’t vote for him, I recommend you check him out and get to know him, or email him directly at With the problematic Endowment and Financial Aid proposals in the works, as well as the student-propelled Cage Free Eggs campaign underway, he’ll be an excellent champion and voice for our Brandeis Values, and a person behind whom we as students can rally. We’ve filled the seat, so the fighting amongst ourselves is over; now it’s time to get active, and to take our concerns, whatever they may be, directly to the Board of Trustees. That’s where Adam comes in, and we at Innnermost Parts couldn’t be happier about that.

Stay tuned for the release of the full results, appearing shortly.