Benjamin Beutel for VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!

He is a double major with history and politics. He has served in student government in the past. He is a man so brave that two years ago, he was in a belly dance group. Benjamin wants to be YOUR VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!!!!

In the Village, Benjamin pledges to make essential changes:
1. Free weights for the Village Gym
2. A faster towel maintenance cycle at the Gym
3. Better stocking for Village store (to re-supply shelves more frequently and a better snack variety)

Benjamin also has great ideas for Brandeis:
1. Increase coordination between student union and clubs/groups
2. Greater support for social justice and activism
3. Brandeis Campus wide quad Olympics- fun for the campus
4. More Quad-wide events and community strengthening

Why is he running?
Benjamin takes the idea of being a representative very seriously.
Not only does he plan to hold office hours, he also pledges to ask people in the village face to face what they want changed. He wants to be aware of individual students. In his interview, Benjamin told me that “At Brandeis we are told there are resources to go to, but I want to go to the people”.

Personally, Benjamin wants to give back to the community. He has only attended Brandeis for one full year, is graduating this year, but still feels that Brandeis has improved his life. He believes there is always more to do. He is progressive and wants to create a positive change.

Even though he is a busy Brandeis student, he has the time. Benjamin is part of the debate club and volunteers in Boston, but will put in all the time and effort it takes to be a fantastic VILLAGE QUAD SENATOR!!!


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