Election Results

The following is a summary of results from last week’s election.

Evyn Rabinowitz

Class of 2015 Senators
Sneha Walia
Daniel Novak

Class of 2012 Senator
Melissa Donze

Class of 2013 Senators
Theodore Choi
Sarah G. Kim

Alumni Association Representative
Jenny Lau

Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representative
Lisa Purdy
Rohan Bhatia

Castle Quad Senator
Kelsey Dean

East Quad Senator
Jeremy Goodman

F-Board Racial Minority
Paul Lee

Gaili Gordon

Massell Quad Senator
Dean Kaplan

North Quad Senator
Charlotte Franco

Off Campus Senator
Rachel Goutman

Ridgewood Quad Senator
Boris Osipov

Rosenthal Quad Senator
Jacklyn Gil

TYP Senator
James Polite

Village Quad Senator
Benjamin Beutel

Ziv Quad Senator
Sol Kim

The following positions still remain vacant
Mods Quad Senator
Judiciary (3 Seats)
Charles River Quad Senator
Racial Minority Senator

Ending Note: If ABSTAIN receives the most votes in the final round, then that position in question remains vacant. We will soon be announcing the election date for the vacant positions. For all those that participated in voting, thank you for your time


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