Hello Brandeis!

I know this has been posted before, but this issue is so important I need you to tell ALL of your friends.


I have been reading in the news about other college campuses where students have made fierce campaigns to support workers. Right now, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, students are protesting for worker’s rights. Check it out here. Students at the College of William and Mary were arrested for peacefully protesting in the President’s Office (check out our coverage here). In Atlanta at Emory University there was a protest against food and facilities giant Sodexco.

As social justice is important to us all, Brandeis must join the fight for workers to be treated fairly, with respect, and with dignity.

Here is the message from the BLC:

Hey All,

So the Brandeis Dining Service Workers are renegotiating their
contract with Aramark this summer or early fall. The Brandeis
Labor Coalition is starting a petition to show the Aramark
administration that there is pressure from students, faculty, and staff
to create a strong contract. Our motto is: Raises, Rights, and

Please sign the petition and forward widely: http://j.mp/SupportWorkers
Interested in getting more involved in this campaign? Contact Rachel
Sier rsier@brandeis.edu or Alana Pellerito apell915@brandeis.edu

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