Hiatt- You are SO FUNNY!

Hey Seniors!!

This is a really great opportunity to have Hiatt check over your resume… also Hiatt made a joke!

Haunted by family asking what you’ll be doing after graduation? Wishing Trick-or-Treat wasn’t just for kids?

Hiatt has a special treat that will make your head spin: resume e-reviews!

Just email your resume to hiattchat@gmail.com. Staff will be on hand Monday through Thursday, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. to review submitted resumes. You can even talk with Hiatt Advisors via Google Chat.

Email your resume today and have a happy Halloween!

Andrea Dine
Associate Director of Career Development
Hiatt Career Center

Disclaimer: Offer good only for resumes. Fava beans, chain saws, possessed videos, great white sharks, murderous dolls, sparrows and crows, tannis root, buckets of blood and axe-wielding shower guests not included. A special treat is available to the first student who can identify all 10 horror movies referenced in this invitation by responding to this email.

(I know… Several of these horrors can be attributed to various films. Submit the titles of the scariest; I’m open to debate.)


2 thoughts on “Hiatt- You are SO FUNNY!”

  1. I resent that they sent it out to everyone and only put "for senior only" in the heading….verrr misleading

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