Hey Brandeis! Check out what Sara Miller and Lauren Fox are up to!

They are leading group of Brandeis students, which includes cancer survivors and friends, to participate in a fundraising competition by the SAMFund (starting by Brandeis grad and teacher Samantha Watson). The group is attempting to raise at least $1,000.

To help, please visit the Facebook page at: or donate online at:

Innermost Parts asked Sara and Lauren several questions… let’s see what they said!

1. What exactly is SAMFund? What sets it apart from other groups which help cancer survivors?
-The SAMFund provides financial assistance to young adult cancer survivors to help them transition into their post-treatment lives. Their grants and scholarships can cover a wide variety of costs, such as rent, medical bills, and gym memberships.

2. How did you find out about it and at what made you decide to get involved in fundraising?
-Samantha Eisenstein Watson co-founded The SAMFund, and is a two-time cancer survivor and a Brandeis alumna and professor. She co-teaches Sociology of Disability class with Stephen Gulley every fall. Lauren offered to help with future SAMFund fundraising efforts, and Sam invited her to participate in The SAMFund’s Grand Plan:
Raise 1K in 30 Days. It’s been wonderful how the entire community has rallied together for this cause!

3. Have you participated in other fundraisers or events to raise money for cancer survivors?
– We participated in Relay for Life and Lauren has fundraised for other organizations as well.

4. What are your guys’ plans to raise money for the rest of the semester?
-We raised almost $100 at the Student Union’s Midnight Buffet, and are very grateful to the entire Brandeis community. We are publicizing the campaign online as well. You can check out our Facebook page at:
You can donate online at:

5. What is your fundraising goal and how much have you collected so far?
– We are aiming for $1,000. So far, we’ve raised $422.

6. Is this a project you hope to bring back to the Brandeis campus next year or more of a one-time thing?
-This is the first time that we’ve done this, but if it’s successful, then we’d love to coordinate the Brandeis Team again next year!

7. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about this project and how they can help out?
-The SAMFund has been instrumental in helping young adult cancer survivors move forward after treatment, and every dollar counts. Whether you donate $5 or $100 or somewhere in between, it will be greatly appreciated! Please spread the word to friends and family!

8. What is your personal motivation for getting involved in the fight against cancer?
-There are actually many students involved in this effort. Cancer has touched the lives of all of us in different ways – some have had loved ones who have had cancer, while others have had cancer themselves. This is a group of Brandeis cancer survivors and supporters helping their peers who are less fortunate.