Student Union

Here is the official list of next year’s Student Union.

Executive Board:
President: Herbie Rosen ’12
Vice President: Gloria Park ’13
Treasurer: Dan Lee ’12
Secretary: Todd Kirkland ’13
Director of Executive Affairs: Abby Kulawitz ’12
Co-Director of Academic Affairs: Rebecca Bachman ’13
Co-Director of Academic Affairs: Savannah Pearlman ’12 – has resigned from Senior Representative to the Alumni Association to take appointed position.
Co-Director of Community Advocacy: Dillon Harvey ’14 – has passed on the position of Racial Minority F-Board Representative to take appointed position.
Co-Director of Community Advocacy: Tamar Schneck ’13 – appointed for a semester, she will be going abroad in the Spring
Co-Director of Communications: Andrea Ortega ’13
Co-Director of Communications: Anthony Nguyen ’14
Director of Office of Student Rights & Advocacy (OSRA): Joshua Roseman ’12

Senator-at-Large: Shekeyla Caldwell ’14
Class of 2012 Senator: Missy Skolnik ’12
Class of 2014 Senator: Rosby Kome-Mensah ’14
Class of 2014 Senator: Ricky Rosen ’14 – no relation to Herbie Rosen 🙂

Gabe Weingrod-Nemzow ’12 – F-Board Chair
Sidak Pannu ’12
Jacob Agi ’12
Donghae Choi ’12
Gabby Castellanos ’13 – Appointed by Treasurer & President

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
Senior Representative to the UCC: Usman Hameedi ’12
Junior Representative to the UCC: Suzanne Rothman ’13
Appointed Representative to the UCC: Siddhi Krishna ’12

Alumni Association:
Junior Representative to the Alumni Association: Emily Kane ’13

Board of Trustees:
Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees: Adam Hughes ’12
Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees: Beneva Davies ’13

Associate Justice: Shirel Guez ’12

Website Administrator: Antonio Cancio ’13

Assistant Treasurers:
Nathan Israel ’14
Harry Kaufer ’13
Sunny Aidasani ’14
Owen Voelker ’14
Jacob Zaslavsky ’13
Yehuda Tretin ’12
Carlton Shakes ’13
Sam Goldberg ’14
Anthony Nguyen ’14 – Also Co-Director of Communications

Positions to be filled:
By Election:
1 Senator-at-Large
1 Class of 2012 Senator
2 Class of 2013 Senators
1 Racial Minority Senator
1 Transitional Year Program (TYP) Senator
2 Class of 2015 Senators
1 Off-Campus Senator
1 North Quad Senator
1 Massell Quad Senator
1 East Quad Senator
1 Castle Quad Senator
1 Rosenthal Quad Senator
1 Village Quad Senator
1 Ziv Quad Senator
1 Ridgewood Quad Senator
1 Mods Quad Senator
1 Charles River Senator
1 Senior Representative to the Alumni Association
2 Representatives to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board (BSF Board)
1 Racial Minority F-Board Member
4 Student Union Judiciary Members

By Appointment:
Various Committee Positions, appointed by Director of Executive Affairs & President


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  1. Thanks for posting this. There are so many positions unfilled. I wonder how the Union could make elections more efficient. It seems like such a waste of time when everyone votes for abstain.

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