What can we do, as citizens to promote tolerance in our daily lives ?

If you read today’s earlier post on TED talks, you will see how the TED organization allows people to present new and exciting ideas at its annual conferences. In addition, it now enables users from all over the world to communicate with each other via TED Conversations. Anyone can sign in and start a conversation with an idea or question, and any other members can respond.

One conversation stood out to me in particular while I was perusing the site. Caroline Phillips, a TED translator, attendee and TEDx organizer from Biarritz, France asks the question “What can we do, as citizens to promote tolerance in our daily lives ?” By clicking here, you can read others’ answers, which include person anecdotes, methods commonly used in education and examples of everyday situations in which crises come up.

But, I’d like to open up the question to all of you. So, as many of the Brandeis community in one way or another, even if your activity is limited to reading this Brandeis Progressive Student Blog, how can we promote tolerance (if that should be a goal of ours to begin with?)

Perhaps if we get some concrete answers we can even look into implementing them.