A Tribute to the Seniors of Innermost Parts

I would like to congratulate the class of 2011. Over the years we’ve had a change of writers here at Innermost Parts, many of whom graduated this morning, at Brandeis’ 60th Commencement. In honor of them, here is a brief retrospective of Innermost Parts.

This blog was launched on December 13th, 2007, the brain child of Sahar and Loki (alias Alex Melman), two first-years who were disillusioned with Brandeis’ efforts to live up to its motto. Sahar wrote the inaugural post, Why we fight, ended with a summary of why we need such a blog,

Louis Brandeis believed in Social Justice, real Democracy, freedom of Expression, and self-determination. So do we. Louis Brandeis was a Progressive. So are we. Is our University?

Following that up, Loki’s first post, We. are. INNERMOST PARTS!, called for more student involvement in the decision-making process and advocated for all students to take part in Innermost Parts, and get their voices out.

We conceived this space so as to be a champion of truth’s innermost parts. […] We will be a clarion call to action against an increasingly power-hungry administration under which this student body has been far too submissive.

Since those founding days, InnermostParts has striven to hold true to these goals. We’ve been involved in a few Student Union lawsuits, talked about in the Justice and the Hoot, and established ourselves as a voice on campus. We are also now one of the three news sources which receive election results moments before the student body! None of this could have happened without the extraordinary dedication and skill of our writers, most of whom are moving on to bigger and better things, starting now.

With that, here’s a thank you to all of the seniors who have accounts on our page, whether they are active contributors or have gone on to promote activism in other ways across our campus: Emily, Jon, Lev, Nathan, Liza, Loki and Sahar, guest posters Maia and Alex Norris, and more.

We hope you will still be involved and continue shaping Brandeis into the school we all know it has the potential to be.

*Linked with their names are all of the posts these luminaries have written.