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  • Occupy Wall Street Statement

    If you are following the Occupy movement (where there is now an Occupy Boston!!!), you may want to check out this statement is issued by the General Assemblies of the Occupy movement: National General Assemblies Draft Declaration Version: 1.0 Time: 9/30/2011 Over two centuries ago America‚Äôs founders gathered to air their grievances with the British […]

  • “Stand with us, and stand firm”: Rebuilding the US Economy One Signature At a Time

    Since Monday, June 27th, over 60,000 Americans have signed Senator Bernie Sanders’ online petition, asking President Obama for a “sensible deficit reduction package.” In his opening paragraph, the Vermont senator makes reference to the U.S. has having “by far, the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth. Sanders notes […]