Urgent Action

Hey! Here is an urgent action sent from Matt Gabrenya.

Hey yall,

Tomorrow (Monday) there will be a BIG tar sands action at Harvard U.

David Axelrod, a top advisor to Obama, and chief strategist of his ’08 campaign will be speaking to a closed-room audience at Harvard.

We’re going to be demonstrating our opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline during his entrance.

This is a real opportunity to reach the ear of the Obama administration so its really important that we have a HUGE presence. One of two stories could be relayed to Obama after this action: (1) the opposition will dissolve soon enough and we can ignore it, or (2) this is something serious and growing that we might need to pay attention to.

We’re taking the 2:08pm Commuter Rail in, and will get back by 5:30pm. Axelrod should arrive at harvard around 4:00pm.

(address is Kirkland House, 95 Dunster Street Cambridge, MA — give me a call if you can’t find it 7818201450)



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