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  • We need a new paradigm

    Brandeis has too many clubs. Too many meetings. Too much stress. Brandeis also needs unity – there aren’t many clubs, organizations, events, or identities that appeal to the broad campus. That’s why the various publications have so much sway, by the way. But in trying to bring unity, traditional attempts have often tried to create […]

  • Good News, Everyone

    $6500. 2 days. 100 people. A bunch of us at the Change Agency have spent a ton of time working on a huge project we’re excited to announce. Campus Camp Wellstone is a 1.5 day training and leadership program recognized as the best program for college activists in the country. They focus on very concrete […]

  • Behind the Scenes at Innermost Parts

    What’s going on at Innermost Parts? Why has posting been so light? Here’s the deal. Many of us at Innermost Parts are spending our time getting the Change Agency off the ground. Change Agency is a chartered campus club with the same goals as we have: to grow and strengthen the progressive community at Brandeis. […]

  • Introducing the Change Agency!

    Welcome to the Change Agency, the new progressive activist group on campus! After a lot of hard work from a lot of talented people, the Change Agency is finally ready to go public and bring activism at Brandeis to new heights. And each and every one of us can bring our talents together and play […]