We need a new paradigm

Brandeis has too many clubs. Too many meetings. Too much stress.

Brandeis also needs unity – there aren’t many clubs, organizations, events, or identities that appeal to the broad campus. That’s why the various publications have so much sway, by the way.

But in trying to bring unity, traditional attempts have often tried to create a new club – more meeting, more stress.

Is there a better way?

I’m very interested in created a united progressive community at Brandeis. But are more meetings the answer? We said no, and instead of trying to create an umbrella organization that relies on delegates from existing clubs, we are trying to make a “hub” that has dedicated members working on creating infrastructure.

That’s cool, but that still creates more clubs, more meetings, more stress.

We need stress-free, easy ways to accomplish the following goals:
– build a progressive community on campus
– build links between activist clubs
– build infrastructure.

How can we do that? I have some ideas, what are yours?