“Truth, unto its innermost parts.” The motto of Brandeis, emblazoned in brilliant white on 20-foot projection screens behind induction ceremonies before you’ve even unpacked your toothbrush. But like most lofty ideals, it hasn’t traveled much farther than its position as decorative collegiate background. There has been a lot to be upset about lately, too many situations where everyone from the Student Union to the University Administration to the American government to the entire goddamn world have needed more people to look for that inner truth and call out its jailers.

We conceived this space so as to be a champion of truth’s innermost parts. There is a vacuum at Brandeis, a need for an unfettered and free-flowing discussion of the forces, both on campus and around the world, which affect us as students. We want to challenge the autocratic decisions made by the powers above. We will be a clarion call to action against an increasingly power-hungry administration under which this student body has been far too submissive.

What exactly are these ideals which we will be fighting for? First and foremost, we want to bring Brandeis back to the progressive roots from which it grew. Justice Louis Brandeis once told us that the ­most important political office is that of the private citizen. Today we have a Student Union too mired in internal politics to more than cursorily address the Administration’s assault on our rights. In the fierce urgency of now, the power of the common student is needed. We want to bring the power at Brandeis back to its grassroots base, to us, the students.

And there you have it – Innermost Parts. Keep reading in the future; drop us a comment or an email with questions, concerns, or outrage. If you feel like you might want to write for us, by all means say so. Remember – you and I can be just as powerful a voice as those with fancy titles.


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