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  • The Latest Hoot

    Is really good. Read it. Kudos to Ariel Wittenberg and her team

  • The Dearth of Democracy (aka: Why Innermost Parts exists) Part 2

    The problem of Brandeis civil society cannot be solved merely by elections. We cannot shove elections down the throat of a mostly apathetic and uninformed populace: with a typical voting rate of 30%, Brandeis students vote less often than the population at large. The newspapers, which are the first line of defense for this sort […]

  • My Latest Hoot Article

    Not to self-promote too much, but I just want to quickly call attention to my article published in today’s Brandeis Hoot.  I hope it answers any questions anyone may still have about my sudden resignation from the Student Union, something which I have an obligation to explain to the student body that elected me.  If […]