March 4th

“It’s hard to talk about history, when you’re in it…”

This was easily one of the most profound messages I took away from a recent talk by Angus Johnston, a professor at CUNY and historian of student activism. Speaking to an audience of student organizers from across the US this past Saturday, Johnston explained that the history of student movements that he studies is being written constantly, every day, with the incredible work of youth activists all over the US and all over the world. He sees the movement with the birds-eye view of both a former student organizer and current author of the blog

Tomorrow is March 4th. And history is being written.

March 4th has been designated a National Day of Action to Defend Education by student and worker organizations in California and other states. Well over 100 different actions are planned across the country in over 32 states, raising awareness and acting to defend the interests of workers and students from increasing privatization of education and rising tuition.
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Rutgers Students Prosecuted for Anti-War Protest?!?

Three Rutgers students have been issued summons to appear in the illustrious courts of my home state of NJ because of their efforts in organizing a walk-out last month against the Iraq war. From the NJ Star Ledger:

Three Rutgers University students who participated last month in the annual walk-out against the Iraq War, where about 350 people marched along Route 18 in opposition, have been issued summons’ for disorderly conduct by city police. 

Suzan Sanal, 21, Erik Straub, 20, and Arwa Ibrahim, 21, were issued summons’ on April 10 for their behavior during the March 27 event. They will appear in New Brunswick municipal court this afternoon to request an adjournment until after the Rutgers semester ends next month, Straub said, and have received advice pro bono from the National Lawyers Guild.

By law, the charge could carry a 30-day prison sentence and a $500 fine.

This is ridiculous, an affront against student activists everywhere, and reminiscent of Vietnam-era efforts to stop protests. Sign the petition decrying the activities or check out this blog for more info.