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  • News Roundup- Hoot 10/29

    All the news that’s fit to print. Israel groups on campus engage in dialogue. Cool! A judge from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda came to talk about the death penalty. See the rest of The Hoot here!

  • News Roundup- Hoot 10/22

    Highlights from the October 22nd Hoot: Thomas’ wife demands Hill apologize for confirmation charge Details on Ginny Thomas’ bizarre phone call to Brandeis Professor Anita Hill, asking Hill to apologize for accusing Thomas’ husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of sexually harassing Hill 19 years ago. Financial crisis forced university to take more loans Brandeis […]

  • One Year Anniversary of Rose Announcement

    One year ago today (Jan 26th), President Reinharz announced the closing of the Rose Art Museum. While the museum and its collection remain intact, that status is precarious at best. The administration and its PR team have gone to great lengths to lull the Brandeis community into a false sense of security, suppressing those that […]