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  • News Roundup- Hoot 10/22

    Highlights from the October 22nd Hoot: Thomas’ wife demands Hill apologize for confirmation charge Details on Ginny Thomas’ bizarre phone call to Brandeis Professor Anita Hill, asking Hill to apologize for accusing Thomas’ husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of sexually harassing Hill 19 years ago. Financial crisis forced university to take more loans Brandeis […]

  • Has anti-partisanship gone too far?

    Pleas welcome Maia, a new contributor to Innermost Parts who gave me the following piece unsolicited this afternoon. ~Loki On October 3rd the Hoot published a lengthy article about Innermost Parts not so subtly impugning the ‘Political Party’ that has supposedly emerged from a progressive voting block in the Senate. Adam Hughes (Union Vice President), […]