Has anti-partisanship gone too far?

Pleas welcome Maia, a new contributor to Innermost Parts who gave me the following piece unsolicited this afternoon. ~Loki

On October 3rd the Hoot published a lengthy article about Innermost Parts not so subtly impugning the ‘Political Party’ that has supposedly emerged from a progressive voting block in the Senate. Adam Hughes (Union Vice President), Noam Shuster (Senator at Large), Andy Hogan (North Quad Senator), Nathan Robinson (Castle Quad Senator), Lev Hirschorn and Alex Melman, (Senators for the Class of 2011), were all cited as members of this new organization. The exposé was inspired by a post on Innermost Parts by Phil Lacombe ’10. The post incited a heated discourse about the existence of a ‘Progressive Party,’ as he called it. Continue reading “Has anti-partisanship gone too far?”