Former Brandeis Student Arrested for Bank Robbery

Somehow Sahar missed the most interesting story in this week’s Hoot, so here it is:

William Murphy, a 23 year old former Brandeis student (who did not graduate) apparently robbed a bank in Longmeadow, stealing $300,000 and storing the money at the Russell Street house of several current Brandeis students who are on the baseball team. The robbery occurred March 25th, and was allegedly carried out by Murphy and his younger brother. Also, the two were reportedly dropped off near Brandeis by a friend directly after the robbery.

More information in this week’s Hoot and at As a reminder, this is not the first time a Brandeis student has robbed a bank.

Left to right: Thomas and William Murphy

A couple of curiosities present themselves. Does anyone around here remember William Murphy? He would’ve been a senior. If so, did he seem like the bank-robbing type? Also, did the baseball bats come from his friends on the baseball team? Are we about to see more arrests? Also, am I allowed to use this as yet another reason to hate the baseball team?





8 responses to “Former Brandeis Student Arrested for Bank Robbery”

  1. Jim

    @ Nathan “im a fake brit” Robinson, why dont you get your story straight when your write something thats published and include facts about what happened not what you wished happened

  2. Bob

    No joe, he couldn’t. he played soccer, not baseball.

  3. Joe

    The better question is, could he hit?

  4. Doug

    Captain Chaos truly is a punk rocker. The kind of act we need for springfest.

  5. Captain Chaos

    I think that the Robbery was planned something like this:

    don’t worry, it’s good music: non-hardcore, anti-ultra-violence.

  6. Carrie

    Art – that comment would make sense if Hoffman had robbed a bank. Do a little research and you’ll be able to figure out which 60’s activists they do fit in with…

  7. art

    fits right in with Hoffman, eh?

  8. me

    lol this is terrible